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Top 10 sights of Dubai

Dubai is one of the emirates of the country United Arab Emirates. The trading hub on the Persian Gulf is nowadays mainly known as a luxury vacation destination. The construction of hundreds of hotels and some very impressive projects such as Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands and Dubai Marina are some of the many signs that Dubai is now focusing on tourism in terms of income.

Anyone traveling to Dubai will be overwhelmed by the enormous wealth you will encounter in many places. Impressive is the way one has been able to create a surrealistic oasis within a warm desert climate with very hot summers that excites many people. The beauty of Dubai is that the city is constantly evolving. New neighborhoods, attractions and amusement parks are being built, while the existing neighborhoods in Dubai are being improved to allow tourists to enjoy the city to the fullest.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, with a total height of 828 meters, is very prominent in Dubai. The tower is inspired by desert flower Hymenocallis. Burj Khalifa is located near the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall. Visitors can enjoy the view from the tower in three ways.

The most common and cheapest way is to take the fastest passenger elevator in the world to the observation platform “At the Top”. For busy times such as around sunset, reservations are recommended. Another way to enjoy the overwhelming view is from restaurant At.mosphere.

For this restaurant which is located on the 122nd floor (two floors lower than the visitor deck) there is a minimum amount of AED to spend. 300 per person and children under the age of six are not allowed.

Desert Safari

The best way to discover the desert is by means of a so-called desert safari. With four-wheel-drive cars you go into the desert, often preceded by the possibility to drive a quad or ride a camel. During the desert safari the driver tears over the desert dunes.

This is a sensational experience that you will not easily forget. If you do the evening safari you will normally also watch the sunset (beautiful). Afterwards there is usually a dinner in a desert camp where a belly dancer will perform and a water pipe can be smoked.

Discover old Dubai

Today’s Dubai is many times larger than the Dubai of about half a century ago. The modern city has heritage in several places where you can discover old Dubai. The best example of this is the Al Bastakiya district.

This old neighborhood has been transformed into a free open-air museum where you can soak up the atmosphere of old Dubai. Another place where you can view Dubai’s history is the Dubai Museum. This city museum is housed in an old fortress and shows you everything about the history and culture of Dubai.

The Walk & The Beach

The best beach in Dubai is called ‘The Beach’. This is the beach near the Dubai Marina. Along the beach you will find plenty of restaurants, cafes and stores. Directly behind the beach, where the skyscrapers loom up, is the street whose walking area is called ‘The Walk’.

Here you walk along dozens of terraces of restaurants while on the street next to you the expensive cars slowly cruising to be seen. For car enthusiasts it is great to see the many expensive sports cars and limousines pass by. Those who don’t like cars can enjoy themselves in the many restaurants along The Walk. There is an excellent mix of various international cuisines represented.

Dubai Mall

With more than 1,200 stores, over 14,000 parking spaces and over half a million square meters of retail space, the Dubai Mall is the largest indoor shopping mall in the world.

In addition to an amount of stores that an average shopaholic can only dream of, the complex also offers a large indoor ice rink, a cinema complex with 22 screens and an indoor aquarium that is the largest in the world. The mall, which is well-equipped with bars and restaurants, runs outside over a bridge along the Dubai Fountain (the world’s largest fountain show) to Souk al Bahar, a smaller mall set up entirely in Arabic atmospheres.

Miracle Garden

This is a huge garden that during the winter season is full of art objects that are completely covered with flowers. The colors and shapes impress young and old. If you want to take beautiful pictures without other people in the picture it is advisable to go early. Usually Dubai Miracle Garden opens its doors around the beginning of November and then until the beginning of April.

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